AXA Discovery Week

Datum 13 november 2023
Tijd 17:30
Locatie Troonplein 1 – 1000 Brussel
Prijs Gratis
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Dear Ambassadors,

We hope this message finds you well. First and foremost, thank you for accepting our invitation to the IT Discovery Night, scheduled for November 13th. Your presence is a key ingredient for the success of this event.

The IT Discovery Night holds dual significance for us. It serves as an excellent platform for recruiting top talent for our internships and open positions, but it also plays a vital role in enhancing our corporate image among the target audience. We anticipate a substantial turnout, with a diverse group of last-year master’s students from various esteemed schools such as Vlerick, ICHEC, KUL, LSM, and more.

Please note that the event will be conducted in both Dutch (NL) and French (FR) to cater to the language preferences of our attendees.

In this email, we have outlined important practical information to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience for you at the event. Please read through the details carefully, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or require further assistance.


During the IT Discovery Night, students will have the opportunity to get a taste of their career at AXA Belgium and to get familiar with our beautiful building, our great company culture and, of course, our job opportunities in an informal setting.

17.30: Welcome

18.15: Intro & Keynote

19.00: Drinks & Snacks

19.30: Business presentations through Silent Disco

20.30: Dinner/Networking time/Recruitment stand

22.30: Closure

You are all welcome at the Atrium either at the beginning of the event or, ideally, no later than around 7 PM. We have arranged a welcome drink for all our ambassadors and the evening dinner (around 8:30 PM). If you are unable to attend the dinner, please notify us in advance.

Your role

As an ambassador, your goal is to engage with the candidates by sharing your own journey, explaining why you enjoy working at AXA, and inquiring about their motivations, interests, and more – in essence, getting to know them.

If you are scheduled to give a presentation during this event, you will be contacted by my colleagues.

Some tips & Tricks for your chat with the potential candidates?

· Keep it natural!

· Sometimes students can get shy, don’t hesitate to proactively talk to them

· Tricky question? Redirect candidates to HR

· If you have LinkedIn, use your profile to connect easily with the candidates

Nice to know

Just a quick heads up! Our recruitment booth will be rocking the scene all week long. If you spot some potential candidates, be sure to send them our way. Our mission for the day, depending on the day’s vibes 😊, is to round up some top-tier talent for our internships and job openings.

And guess what? There’s a Social Media booth that’s going to spice things up during the event. Prepare to be wowed!

In attachment you will find the One Pager the candidates received before joining the IT Discovery Night. Do not hesitate to post the One Pager on your social media using the following hashtags: #CareersAXABelgium #ProudtobeAXA #KnowYouCan #DiscoveryWeekAXA2023.

Got any questions? Hit us up at [email protected]. Let’s make this week one to remember! 🎉

We hope you’ll have a good time with us and fully embrace this enriching experience. 🌟


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