FSD: Production & Logistics

Datum 30 april 2024
Tijd 16:00
Locatie Groep T
Prijs Gratis
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This Future Self Day will guide you through the world of Production & Logistics ⚙️. We will immerse you in the world of warehouses and deliveries at Caterpillar 🏗️. Have you always wondered how international companies provide logistics services around the world? This is your chance 🤩!

We’re starting big with a tour of their automated warehouse with +250.000 parts for their customers and partners all over the world 🛠️. You will then get a direct insight into the activities with cases and games about import/export, transportation and the supply chain 💡.

Caterpillar and Delaware will spoil you well to convince you for the major Production & Logistics. Don’t let this very interesting day pass you by!

What can you expect from this Future Self Day? Let’s give you a quick overview of the evening:

1) Warehouse tour
2) Supply Chain game
3) Guest session Delaware
4) Transportation – import & export
5) Netwerk + walking dinner with a “day in the life of production and supply chain”, using CAT machines on remote control

Departure by bus from Andreas Vesaliusstraat 13, 3000 Leuven (Groep T) at 4:00 pm. Return around 9 pm.

This event will take place in English and there will be a walking dinner provided by Caterpillar!

Don’t forget to register! 🤩


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9 - 12 sep 2024
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