Study Career Q&A

Datum 29 september 2022
Tijd 09:30
Locatie CPR 00.05 Onderwijslokaal
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🤔 How do I fill out my ISP correctly? Which subjects should I take? How do I apply for an Erasmus?
🎓 The FEB services and Ekonomika are happy to answer your questions face-to-face, but at a safe distance, during the Study Career Q&A. Feel free to visit the College Van Premonstreit (CPR) and ask all your questions there.
🔵 Group 1 🔵
Thursday 20/9: 9:30-12:30

  • Business Engineering / Business and Information Systems Engineering
  • Management
  • ERB
  • Schakels + MAR en MInfm
  • Reorientation
  • Incoming Erasmus students and incoming interuniversity students
    🔵 Group 2 🔵
    Thursday 20/9: 13:30-16:30
  • Business Economics
  • Economics
  • Educatieve master
  • Credit contracts
  • Beleidseconomie

Please note that it can be useful to first check the FEB Student Portal ( You will already find a lot of information there. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Feel free to visit the Study Career Q&A or contact the FEBadvisor (


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