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Datum 20 februari 2022
Categorie Ekonomika

Are you also struggling to find out what type of job you would like to do and which company suits you best?

We try to help students solve these difficult questions. The upcoming weeks we will organize several job fairs, giving you the perfect opportunity to find out which companies are looking for you, what types of jobs are available, what the main differences are between employers etc.

Our job fairs aim at connecting students with potential employers via informal and accessible conversations. Oftentimes the first connection between a student and its future employer is made during a small informal chat whilst having a bite or a drink. You might not know it but representatives at these evens are mostly only a couple of years older than you, so they really understand your current situation and questions. In addition these young employees can paint you a clear picture of what the first few years in the company might look like.

We organize job fairs for the largest masters (business IT, finance and supply chain), next to that we also host a general fair where 90+ companies will be present, the so called Career Brunch. Students’ experiences show that it’s recommended to visit more than one fair as you will find out that there are more interesting companies than you might realize right now and one fair will simply be too short.

We openly welcome 3rd bachelor students and onwards, you are also more than welcome if you are looking for an internship.

Don’t be discouraged to visit a job fair because you have not yet figured out what you would like to do, that is what our job fairs are for!

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