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Recruitment at the FEB campus Leuven is fully supported by Ekonomika, with full support from our faculty. This also translates into strong collaboration with the faculty; a collaboration in which we strengthen each other. In recent years, in the Business Relations branch, we have focused on a more intimate interaction between the student and the potential employer. We want to do this by providing digital support with the Matching Tool. The Matching Tool allows both students and companies to create a profile that they complete based on balanced criteria. The result is a ranking of companies with a matching percentage, so that the student knows exactly in advance which companies are relevant to him or her.

The goal of Ekonomika VZW in the field of Recruitment is dual-sided. Providing our students with as much information as possible about the possible jobs, companies, sectors, etc. where they can end up after their studies is a major priority. In addition, we want to offer the partners of Ekonomika VZW the opportunity to come into direct contact with the many students at our faculty.

General Job Fairs

The semesterly Career Brunches have been one of Ekonomika’s success concepts for several years. In the beautiful University Halls of KU Leuven, companies and students can get to know each other in an informal way, while enjoying a reception. With more than 750 master students each, this is a well-attended event. The great diversity of partners from many sectors and students make the first Career Brunch the ideal kick-off of the recruitment activities for the coming academic year. You can once again appeal to a wide range of students in the second semester.
The various surveys we conduct show that 80% of our students see a job fair as the priority way to get a job. An event not to be missed.

Career Brunch I –
Career Brunch II –

Specifieke Jobbeurzen

Business IT Fair

With this event we focus specifically on the policy informatics profiles at our faculty (the commercial engineers in policy informatics, the masters in information management and other students with an interest in IT). This is because this small, yet extremely desirable group of students is more difficult to reach through traditional events.
We also want to open the event to students from all years of this specialization, so that lower-year students can also attend this event with questions about their future job. This also opens up an ideal opportunity to promote internships to these students. With this event we want to give around 150 students the opportunity to meet potential employers over a snack and a drink. An ideal opportunity to introduce your company to this group of students!

Business IT Fair –
Finance Fair

Following the example of the successful editions of previous years, Ekonomika is once again organizing the job fair this year specifically for students interested in Finance in collaboration with the Insurance department of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The purpose of this event is, like last year, twofold.

On the one hand, we want to give the current Masters in Insurance, Accountancy & Financial Management, Auditing and Risk & Finance an insight into the current labour market. This is done through an informal job fair where students can meet future employers over a snack and a drink. On the other hand, we also want to use this event to promote this direction to Masters in Business Engineering, TEW, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, etc. with an interest in Finance.

Finance Fair –
Supply Chain Fair

For three years in a row, Ekonomika has been organizing a job fair specifically in Supply Chain, Operations and Planning. Since this event has been popular with companies and our students every year, we are organizing a fourth edition this academic year.
With this job fair we mainly appeal to students with majors in Production & Logistics and certainly also industry, global value chains and new technologies. Just like for our other job fairs, we work closely with our faculty. For this event, we collaborate more specifically with the Operations Research and Business Statistics Research Group and with the Production & Logistics Research Group.

Supply Chain Fair –
Internship Fair

Since 2008, it has been possible for students to include an internship in their study program. We therefore want to strongly promote the inclusion of internships by our students. However, in order for an internship to be validated by the faculty, certain conditions must be met. We would like to discuss with you whether and how your internships can be tailored to this. The possibility of including this in the study package makes internships more interesting for students.

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More information?

If you would like more information about all our options at Ekonomika or if you would like to participate in one or more of our job fairs, you can contact our Corporate Relations branch. Julie and Warre will provide you with more information as soon as possible!

Julie Nicasi

Warre Vandevoorde