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Our society is evolving more and more towards a digital society in which companies that do not provide digital services in addition to their classic products, fall short. We see this trend happening in physical goods such as cars, household appliances, clothing stores, … Those industries are increasingly looking at how they can complete their customer journey through digital services such as mobile applications, AR/VR applications, but also for example in a B2B context help customers further with analytics and smart process optimization. To make this successful, “classic” companies need to reorganize themselves to navigate agile like a real technology company does.

Of course, this reorganization is not easy and a first mindshift entails to think in terms of digital products. This means that digital developments that companies do, should be seen as a product or service in itself that can potentially deliver more value in the future than merely solving internal (business) needs.

The Value Hub’s main objective is to help companies in this new way of working and to help organize the necessary transformation that is needed internally. We do this by taking on both an expertise and coaching role, but also by setting up interesting and co-creative collaboration models with our clients.
These collaboration models are focused on sharing the risk of digital initiatives and taking ownership together over the success of these digital initiatives. The main challenges we help our clients with are:

> Product ideation & Roadmapping
> Designing co-creative collaboration models
> Continuous agile development

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