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Logflow is a young and dynamic logistics consulting company, our mission is to give practical advice to our customers. We operate on a no-nonsense based business philosophy and master warehouse and production operations very well, therefore we can offer practically based solutions.
Passion for logistics is our driving force and the foundation of our organization. We speak the language of the customer and look for creative solutions with return on investment. Thanks to our expertise, the customer reaches a higher level of operational excellence.

We represent a team of engineers that combine logistical theoretical knowledge with necessary operational expertise. Every new employee is educated and trained in our unique approach, which allows them to smoothly and efficiently collaborate on one or more projects. Every new employee receives a personal training program where the combination of practical cases and theoretical framework are essential. You would start as a logistics analyst. In this junior function, analyzing data is the key factor. After one year you can become a junior consultant and you receive more responsibilities.

Every candidate is invited for a job day. During this day there are 2 interviews and a practical case. The interviews focus on your personal mindset and drive. The case is a practical test so you can get a taste of the Logflow methodology. During this case you get the opportunity to ask questions at two experts who will guide you through the excercise. This whole day focuses on getting to know each other and to feel if Logflow is your “cup of tea”. Are you interested in working for a challenging company? You can contact our HR department for more information: [email protected]

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Career Brunch II

2 maart 2022 / 11:00
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Career Brunch II

23 februari 2023 / 11:00
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Ellen Dhaese
Functie HR Manager
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