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Branche Logistiek/trading
Hoofdkantoor Antwerpen
Over Manuchar

Manuchar is a leading distributor of chemicals across emerging markets and actively trades several other commodities.

Our end-to-end chemical distribution business serves various industries, including home care, personal care, food & feed, agriculture, mining, oil & gas, glass, textiles, paper, and water treatment. Our international trade activities cover steel, plastics, cement, wood, paper, spare parts and pharmaceuticals.

We operate in more than 35 emerging markets with our own local logistics assets and people providing storage, value-added logistics and just-in-time (JIT) deliveries in over 170 locations.

Manuchar strongly believes in the value of long-term partnerships and aims to build a strong and sustainable business, which enables other companies to be successful in emerging markets.
This long-term view explains our systematic investments in infrastructure and teams in strategic locations in emerging markets. We believe local presence and proximity are essential to build lasting relationships. Our entrepreneurial spirit ensures that we remain agile and always ready to find solutions rapidly in order to help our customers and suppliers.

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  • Opgericht in 1985
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Career Brunch II

2 maart 2022 / 11:00
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Supply Chain Fair

14 maart 2022 / 11:00
Contactpersonen van Manuchar
Eline Franck
Functie Recruiter
Alexander Coppe
Functie junior business development manager