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We are the sum of all talent working for Orange. And no, we’re not talking about a knack for programming, bookkeeping or communication. At Orange, we want to find out who you really are. What’s your favourite dessert? Do you like coriander? What’s your favourite game? How about sports?

Hundreds of Orange colleagues have answered these questions and many more. Discover whether Orange is right for you and, even more importantly, whether you’re right for Orange.

  • >=250 medewerkers
  • Finance
  • Opgericht in 1996
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Events waar Orange aanwezig is
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Career Brunch II

2 maart 2022 / 11:00
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Finance Fair

14 maart 2022 / 11:00
Contactpersonen van Orange
Charline Van Hoeck
Functie Talent Acquisition Partner
E-mail charline.vanhoeck@orange.com