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Orion Intelligence

Branche Software - Artificiële Intelligentie
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Over Orion Intelligence

What is Orion?
Orion enables enterprises to take automated action on written customer questions.
We increase efficiency in order for customer service to handle larger volumes more easily, gain more insight in customer requests and increase customer satisfaction.  Orion is an engine based on artificial intelligence that plugs in on top of existing email solutions and CRM systems.
Today, organisations such as Eneco, Delhaize, Acerta, GLS, Edenred are all using Orion technology!

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Career Brunch II

2 maart 2022 / 11:00
Contactpersonen van Orion Intelligence
Thomas Van Durme
Functie Managing Director
E-mail info@orion-intelligence.com
Jelle Van Gompel
Functie Technical Director
Tinne Van den Broeck