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Work hard, play hard? So they say … But not us. At Ormit Talent we prefer work smart, get far

We say it to the new generation of future leaders. Young curious talents who want to do things differently. Not the hard way but the smart way. Who want to get in best shape for a promising career. In traineeships and talent programs where you learn more in two years than you would in five elsewhere. With 20+ days of training. Combining people skills with hard skills. Oh, and add personal coaching, BFF’s and real life impact at beautiful companies to the mix.

  • 50-99 medewerkers
  • Consulting
  • Opgericht in 1999
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Events waar Ormit aanwezig is
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Business IT Fair

24 februari 2022 / 11:00
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Career Day – Kiesweek Ekonomika

19 april 2022 / 11:00
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Career Brunch I – 93

Jubileumzaal KULeuven
13 oktober 2022 / 11:00
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Career Brunch I

17 oktober 2023 / 11:00
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Career Brunch II

22 februari 2024 / 11:00
Contactpersonen van Ormit
Clémentine Dinsart
Functie Recruitment & Selection Officer
E-mail Clementine.Dinsart@ormittalent.be
Telefoonnummer +32494679150